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My name is Olga Gajewska, I am a life and spiritual coach. I help people change at the speed of truth. Fascinated by conscious observation of my own daily change, I found passion in accompanying others in the process of their transformation.

For over 10 years I have been actively developing my interests in psychology and nature. The more I learned about both fields, the clearer the connections between the heroes of both worlds became - they are subject to the same laws of nature. The world in front of me became a landscape of infinite connections in the mutual exchange of energy. I felt like I was a part of this pulsating, constantly changing phenomenon. It was this phenomenon and the resulting sense of unity that inspired me to search for my destiny that fits into the essence of the harmony of the world I experienced.

Olga Gajewska Life & Spiritual Coach
My mission is to improve the balance of life energy by helping people create fulfillment.
Olga Gajewska Life & Spiritual Coach

The path was winding and bumpy. For a long time, I was torn and uncertain about my own choices and desires. I was sure of one thing - fulfillment is destined for everyone who seeks it, including me. This wisdom and the many-year process of my development and healing allowed me not only to find them but also to be born again. I learned to experience changes so profound and healing that it inspired me to pass on the powerful phenomenon of transformation to others through coaching. It is my favorite tool for helping others develop awareness of their own lives.

I will help you change your life. I will create a space for you where you can grow and flourish.


I am a life & spiritual coach, certified by

Life Purpose Institute.

In my work, I follow the ethics and standards set by the International Coach Federation


I completed my Master's studies in Psychology at the University of Warsaw, as well as my Master's studies in Forestry at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Olga Gajewska Coach Certificate
Olga Gajewska Coach Certificate
“The treasure that I invite you to receive is in your pocket right now, the pocket of your heart.”


Clients about me

After a dozen or so coaching sessions with Olga, I can confidently say that I feel a positive change in the aspects of life that we discussed during our coaching. Thanks to proper guidance, I was able to better understand both my problems and desires. The sessions turned out to be an opportunity to commune with one's own thoughts and ask oneself a fundamental question: quo vadis?, and they took place in a warm atmosphere of understanding. Olga is a great listener, able to see what is hidden in the client's mind. I honestly recommend!

~ Karol


Thanks to meetings with Olga, I opened myself up to coaching, which I was not convinced of before. During our sessions, I discovered areas that I would like to improve. I was given tools that I still use in my everyday life. But above all, I found a safe space where I could break down the challenges and effectively define and achieve the goals I set for myself. I left every meeting full of positive energy, even if I didn't have it before the session. Olga's pertinent questions and support made it truly one of the best investments in myself.

~ Joanna

Event Manager

My main motivation for sessions with Olga was the challenges I faced when looking for a professional and life change. During coaching, I learned many practical tools and methods that helped me set my new goals. Coaching was an opportunity for me to sort out my priorities and think about what living in harmony with myself means to me. By implementing the habits I learned during the session, I am more effective, relaxed, and creative. Olga was very involved in each session, she brought cheerfulness, common sense, and warmth.

~ Karolina

UX/UI Designer

I decided to take part in coaching sessions because I had a problem with low self-esteem. Olga inspired me to analyze aspects of life that were important to me and helped me motivate myself to take action. The sessions allowed me to have a broader view of my life and professional situation. The sessions also showed me how to organize my work and thoughts. I recommend Olga as an attentive listener and a motivator.

~ Przemysław


The decision that prompted me to take up the meetings was primarily the problem of sorting out certain values and understanding the mechanisms of my behavior. Olga helped me to deal with it easily. I left each session energized and with a fresh look at my problems, which, as it turned out, I could easily solve. Olga approached the session brilliantly every time and calmly and professionally helped me find the positive and constructive perspective on my situation that I needed.

~ Kuba


Thanks to the coaching sessions, I understood that not everything is possible to achieve at once. I also learned to define goals in a way that makes it possible to verify the degree of achievement. In addition, I managed to achieve several goals, such as: writing a few chapters of my diploma thesis, improving my relationship with my family, and finding my life purpose. The coaching sessions also had a calming effect on me thanks to the spiritual exercises. In general, I recommend it!

~ Łukasz


Olga Gajewska Coach Certificate

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