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Looking for a significant life change?

How coaching can help you?

Do you ever feel that you are not where you should be, but you don't know exactly where would that be?

In everyday life, the Mind is unable to embrace itself and integrate all the needs and processes occurring within it. This means that we often find ourselves standing still, not knowing what to do next.

The coaching process will help you determine the direction of change you are subconsciously approaching. Coaching is a surface in which your inner feeling can reflect and come back to you with completely new perspective, from a new angle that penetrates the resistant layer of the Mind. By delving deeper than before, it is able to find the truth about itself, and on this basis decide to change.

You're in the right place if:

    you are subconsciously approaching a change, a breakthrough in your life

    you already know there is no turning back

    you want a more conscious and authentic life

    you live in conflict with yourself and your true values

    you are tired of constantly denying your desires

    you stopped growing

    you attract the wrong people and the wrong situations

    you lack self-confidence and courage to be yourself

    you have to pretend to fit in

    you have no clarity about who the person you want to become is

    you lack a life purpose

    you have drifted away from yourself, losing the essence of existence

    you desire more passion and intimacy within your own heart

    you are unable to use the natural resources of your intuition

    you are stuck in a loop of destructive habits

    you got caught up in the frustrations of the world

    you have become a prisoner of your reactions

    you are tired of excuses

About me

My name is Olga Gajewska, I am a life and spiritual coach. I help people change at the speed of truth. Developing consciousness is my greatest passion. I move deep, searching for the essence. With attentive mind and an open heart I let myself be fascinated by life every day.

Olga Gajewska Life & Spiritual Coach

About coaching

In my work I integrate techniques of life and spiritual coaching. The process is tailored to each client. It is directed inside their world and its difficulties. It helps a person transform from who they are to who they want to become.

You are not lost you are here


I offer individual meetings: single sessions and packages. Check if coaching with me is for you by booking a free session.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

Albert Einstein

Clients about me

After a dozen or so coaching sessions with Olga, I can confidently say that I feel a positive change in the aspects of life that we discussed during our coaching. Thanks to proper guidance, I was able to better understand both my problems and desires. The sessions turned out to be an opportunity to commune with one's own thoughts and ask oneself a fundamental question: quo vadis?, and they took place in a warm atmosphere of understanding. Olga is a great listener, able to see what is hidden in the client's mind. I honestly recommend!

~ Karol


Thanks to meetings with Olga, I opened myself up to coaching, which I was not convinced of before. During our sessions, I discovered areas that I would like to improve. I was given tools that I still use in my everyday life. But above all, I found a safe space where I could break down the challenges and effectively define and achieve the goals I set for myself. I left every meeting full of positive energy, even if I didn't have it before the session. Olga's pertinent questions and support made it truly one of the best investments in myself.

~ Joanna

Event Manager

My main motivation for sessions with Olga was the challenges I faced when looking for a professional and life change. During coaching, I learned many practical tools and methods that helped me set my new goals. Coaching was an opportunity for me to sort out my priorities and think about what living in harmony with myself means to me. By implementing the habits I learned during the session, I am more effective, relaxed, and creative. Olga was very involved in each session, she brought cheerfulness, common sense, and warmth.

~ Karolina

UX/UI Designer

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